March 12, 2013

Posted by Hanif Azhar Posted on 3:46 AM | 4 comments

Hanif Azhar

Currently Pursuing his higher education in MSc Creative Industry & Cultural Policy, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. Recently involving in social movement, Indonesia Mengajar, living in a deep jungle of South Sumatera to catalyse people development & education awareness among society (2014-2016).

Previously, worked as Consultant in Institute for Global Enveromental Strategies (IGES) Kitakyusu Urban Centre, Japan (2014) Researcher in study centre of Potensi Daerah & Pengembagan Masyarakat (PDPM) ITS (2013), and have experienced in mass media and public relation of ITS (2008-2012).

Passionate in branding, people development, leadership, and social movement

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